Red Axes


Arzi and Sadovnik met and began writing songs together when they were 14. Three years later, they formed Red Cotton, a four-member psychedelic rock band that included Udi Naor and Yovav, Arzi's brother.

The year after releasing their debut album, 2006's memory card, the band made plans to go to London but only managed to reach Amsterdam. After four months the Red Cotton band broke up, with Arzi and Sadovnik electing to remain in Amsterdam, and tour Europe, broadening their musical experience and repertoire. After spending some time living in Amsterdam and touring Europe, the two Dj/Producers with Naor as the head producer started a rave party brand in Tel Aviv called "Break It!". The first Red Axes EP was released in 2010. During the following years, Red Axes went on to release on a variety of labels including Crosstown Rebels, Hivern Discs, Permanent Vacation, Correspondent, Life and Death, Dark Entries, Multi Culti, and I'm a Cliche.

In 2016, the duo launched their own record label named Garzen Records, releasing records such as: The White Screen, Abrao, Deaf Chonky, The Crotches, Siam and their own latest album "The Beach Goths". Beach Goths was produced in their studio in collaboration with the extended Garzen family – Abrão, Eylonzo Crotch, Gabriel Broid, Adi Bronicki, Thomas Jacksonn & Iñigo Vontier were all featured in the 12 track album with the stated intention of creating a "new psychedelic cosmic adventure" for fans. The end result has been described as "innovative in the simplicity with which it talks to the soul of the listener as well as in the assortment of music references that every single track contains.

In 2016 they established their own festival, called: “Garzen Festival"and curated party nights around the world. Red Axes have various performing acts either as DJ's, live electronic duo, or as a Live band called "Red Axes 4".

International appearances of Red Axes have included: Sonar, Burning Man, Coachella, Berghein/Panorama Bar, Glastonbury, Dekmantel, DGTL, Field Day, Pacha Ibiza, Fusion, Nachtdigital, FYF, Convenanza, ADE, and Beats in Space.