Connie Yin


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”– Plato

At a young age, Connie knew that there is nothing more magical than music. Brought up by an opera singer father and school teacher mother, Connie found music to be an escape from her mundane home life and a refuge from the crazy streets of New York City of the late 80s. Oftentimes, she would listen to the radio in her bedroom closet late into the night, dreaming of a glamor-filled lifestyle of going on tour with her favorite musicians, the likes of Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, and New Order.

After a stint as a punk rock drummer, Connie’s journey of becoming a DJ stemmed from a trip to Ibiza in 2001. There she was blown away by the power of music bringing dancers from all over together. It was then that Connie chose to dedicate her life to just this…. a music purveyor to the masses, uniting people worldwide through music and dance. This is her biggest pleasure! And so, her DJ career began.

For more than a decade, Connie has been a major contributor to NYC’s underground electronic scene. She co-founded NYC’s top underground party brand, RESOLUTE, and is the original resident for nearly 15 years (and still counting). Connie has given back to the community and scene that she belongs to by mentoring dozens of students in the art of DJing. When she is not in New York, she has toured the world from Brazil to Dubai. Some of her most notable plays have been Time Warp and Cityfox in New York, Space and Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Off-Sonar in Barcelona, Piknic Électronik in Montreal, BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Rex Club in Paris, and Arma17 in Moscow.

A multi-faceted musician, Connie has produced under her “Constar” moniker as well as her own name with releases available digitally and on vinyl, under labels such as Bedrock Records. She is also heavily involved in NYC’s live music scene as a drummer, bass player, songwriter and producer in various projects.

Connie's style reflects the qualities of her hometown, NYC – smooth, real, unpretentious, intelligent, tough, filled with attitude. To her, there is beauty in dissonance and the unconventional. With a playful and deep fluid mix of forward thinking 4/4 styles and a defined rhythmic sensibility that flows from her alter egos as a rock drummer and bass player, Connie is a steady crowd favorite and an accomplished pro who is always evolving and always brings the goods. Join her as she continues to share the soundtrack of her life through the universal language of mankind – and be prepared to dance.