For Budakid, AKA Kevin Huizing, making music is like the act of breathing. He simply could not live without it, or imagine his life if music was inaccessible. The Dutch producer is overflowing with boundless creativity, channelled into his craft, which he lovingly refers to as a hobby - to class it as work would remove the pleasure.

This enjoyment factor, uncorrupted by commercial pressures, permeates into his productions, imbuing them with pure emotion. With releases signed to labels such as Watergate, Permanent Vacation, Diynamic, Exploited, Disco Halal, Lost & Found and Anjunadeep, Budakid has established a reputation for deep and moving compositions that invigorate the dance floor. As a DJ he has travelled the globe, bringing his distinct brand of electronic music to clubs and festivals in Europe, North and South America, India, Australia and many other locations. Budakid also lends his remarkable talent to writing and engineering for other artists, dedicating the knowledge and experience gained through his time studying at Tilburg’s Conservatory to helping others. An artist who merges his love of sound, visuals and concepts into music which is playful and refreshing, Budakid is an intriguing character who has an exceptional ability to channel his visual imagination into his sonic exploits...

Born into a musical family, with Indonesian heritage, Budakid’s pathway into music was perhaps inevitable. Initially a drummer, he traded in his drum kit for a computer in his teens and changed the trajectory of his life. At the age of 15 he performed live for the first time and began to establish himself in the electronic music scene in his hometown, close to Nijmegen. In his late teens he studied to become a graphic designer, exploring the visual aspect of his creative energy. But, deep down, there was a strong yearning to commit his life to music, his first love. And so, the hobby became his profession.

Driven by his visionary capabilities, Budakid places just as much emphasis on the imaginary world generated by his music as he does on the sounds he is creating. There’s a cinematic quality to Budakid’s creations, they encourage dance and self-expression, while also telling a story and transporting the listener right into the heart of the world he has created. As a result his tracks have connected with influential figures such as Solomun, Keinemusik, Jazzanova, Pete Tong, Bonobo, Black Coffee, Bob Moses, Rüfus Du Sol, Tensnake, Sebastien Leger, Catz n Dogs, Kölsch, Sasha and many more.

His discography doubles as a kind of audio diary, the narratives often inspired by moments and experiences from his personal life. At the heart of his ambition is simply to have the space to create freely, without restriction. This is where his core values lie, evident in his determination to operate independently in many aspects of his career. During the pandemic, Budakid took time to experiment within his own universe, uncovering fresh aspects of his musical identity. Outside of dance music, he also has his own electronic jazz band. Through both the band, and his pandemic-inspired explorations, he has found new inspiration for his club productions, with a broader palette to work from.

Dance floors around the world have been captivated by Budakid’s productions, rousing clubs and festivals across the globe. He has appeared at Gardens Of Babylon, Cityfox Experience, Pleinvrees, DGTL, Tomorrowland, Amsterdam Dance Event, Sonar Festival, among others, leaving a trail of positive energy in his wake. These shows on the big stage are complemented by regular performances at more intimate venues, including Watergate Berlin, The Block Tel Aviv, Café D’anvers, Melkweg and Thuishaven. He is adept at performing in a range of settings, adapting accordingly, while staying true to his core sound.

Budakid’s attitude is friendly and relaxed, a go-with-the-flow character whose ambitions lie within finding the capacity to continue creating without restrictions. It’s a simple, yet profoundly effective mission statement, which feeds back into his work and generates joy and solace for Budakid and all those who encounter his productions. A consummate DJ and musician, who epitomises the beauty of music as an artform that expresses the full spectrum of the human experience...

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